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"Galvanized steel picket fence with absolute advantage over the wrought iron & stainless steel fence."


LNF is a professional metal fencing manufacturer. We always adhere to the principle of service innovation and continuously improve service and support capability. Provide prompt and thoughtful service to all users is our duty. Thanks for your trust and support, we will do it better!


Garrison steel picket fence is refer to a kind of barrier that based of hot-dip galvanized steel

strip as raw material. It is a artificial barrier used to demarcate boundaries. Due to its high strength, high hardness, exquisite appearance, bright color, it is a mainstream product used in commercial, industrial, residential, municipal construction and other fields.




● Dignified and generous.

● Non-welding, assembly design.

● Four layers of anti-corrosion treatment.

● Anti-oxidation and weather resistance.

● No cracking, no embrittlement.

● Various color are available.

● Style Diversification, yet good deterrent effect.

● Never rust and good impact resistance.

● Quick and easy installation.





● Name: Garrison fence, steel picket fence, garrison tubular steel fence, galvanized steel tubular fence, tubular security fence, ornamental fence.

● Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel strip.

● Panel height: 0.8–3 m.

● Panel width: 2.4–3.0 m.

● Rails: 32 × 32, 40 × 40, 45 × 45, 50 × 50, 38 × 38 mm, etc.

● Rail thickness: 0.8–2.0 mm.

● Vertical picket

● Square tube: 16 × 16, 19 × 19, 25 × 25 mm, etc.

● Round tube: 22 × 22 mm.

● Oval tube: 12 × 25 mm.


LN  Steel Fence CO.LTD

Two beam & flat-top

LN  Steel Fence CO.LTD

Three beam & flat top

LN  Steel Fence CO.LTD

Four beam & flat top

LN  Steel Fence CO.LTD

Four beam & flat top

with decorative rings



● Vertical picket thickness: 0.8–1.5 mm.

● Picket center: 110 mm.

● Post: 50 × 50, 60 × 60, 65 × 65, 75 × 75, 80 × 80 mm, etc.

● Post thickness: 1.2–2.0 mm.

● Hot-dip process:

● Galvanized after forming

● Zinc coating: ≥ 92 g/m2.

Thermo setting coating containing zinc (interior surface): ≥ 0.3 mils.

Coverage rate of polymeric coating: ≥ 95%.

● Galvanized after forming

● Zinc coating for industrial applications: ≥ 276 g/m2.

Zinc coating for commercial and residential applications: ≥ 184 g/m2.

Polyester/epoxy and polyester combinations coating: ≥ 0.3 mils.

Polyolefin elastomer coating: ≥ 7 mils.

PVC coating: ≥ 10 mils.

● Yield strength: ≥ 310 MPa.

● Connection type: Plug-in assembly.

● Color: Green, gray, blue, yellow, white, black, any color available according to customer's requirement.

● Package: Standard pallet with packaged into thin film, bubble film for unit inside, woven bag for

unit outside, or according to your requirements.


We have 2 AUTO CAD and Soildmaker designer for clients to bring idea to real products ,we design and ODM various of fencing you are welcome to provide the sample or drawing we customized products will accoding to you exact requirements .
Hot specification
Cross rail (mm)
Vertical picket (mm)
Post (mm)
Standard height
1.0 m/1.2 m/1.5 m/1.8 m
LN  Steel Fence CO.LTD
Base steel, hardness value is 159 DPN.
Zeta layer, a layer of dense alloy near the substrate. The structure is complex and have strong
corrosion resistance. With FeZn7 and FeZn13, the hardness value was 211 DPN, and the Fe
content was 7%–11%.
Delta layer, significant monoclinic columnar tissue, Fe content is 6%, it is non-toxic and corrosion
resistant, the hardness value was 179 DPN.
Eta layer, dense hexagonal crystal system. Deformation processing is not easy to crack, Zinc
purity is 98.5%, the hardness value was 70 DPN.
High zinc phosphating layer, it is high corrosion resistant and strengthen the adhesion of film
and substrate.
AkzoNobel high temperature curing layer, with excellent corrosion resistance and impact
resistance, it is also anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation and good surface self-cleaning properties. The
color change rate of 15 years is not more than 5%.
LN  Steel Fence CO.LTD
Galvanized steel fencing identification precaution
Check whether the surface of galvanized steel fence is smooth. Generally speaking the
surface is very smooth belongs to the high quality garrison fence. And the inferior galvanized steel
fence surface is rough even rugged. The reason for this inferior products mainly raw materials
themselves are not uniform, impurities. Or factory equipment and production processes are
defective, resulting easy to stick steel and leave scar in production process of garrison fence.
Check to see whether the galvanized steel fence has broken line. The surface of a high quality
garrison fence should have a regular texture. If not, it means that the merchant in the process of
the garrison fence production in order to pursue quantity and neglect the quality. The strength of
the steel is greatly reduced.
Check whether there are cracks in the surface of galvanized steel fence. Noted, there are
four layers of anti-corrosion treatment for quality garrison fence, it is never rust or crack.
Check whether the section of galvanized steel fence is smooth. In general, we can learn the
production ability of the garrison fence manufacturer from its section. Walcoom always remember
that detail is the key to success. This is whether the producer pays attention to the embodiment of
strict quality control.
Check the metallic sheen on the surface of galvanized steel fence. The high quality garrison
fence surface should with a very extremely metallic feeling and bright color. If the producer use
hot galvanized steel coils as the raw material and electrostatic spraying surface treatment. These
are completely achievable.



  • Operation requirement
  • Get ready for the installation tools you need to use.
  • Steel tape
  • Hexagonal wrenches
  • Dicing saw
  • Electric drill
LN  Steel Fence CO.LTD LN  Steel Fence CO.LTD LN  Steel Fence CO.LTD LN  Steel Fence CO.LTD


Check whether the accessories are complete according to the accessories list.

LN  Steel Fence CO.LTD


● Railing assembly
The assembly site requires a flat carpet or paper cover to avoid the scratch of the product
during assembly.
Cross rail and vertical picket connection
Put the vertical picket waterproofing cover in the prepunching hole of the horizontal rail, use the
rubber hammer to tap, so that the cover is fixed on the horizontal rail.
Put the cross rails with waterproof ring as required fixed position.
Put the vertical pickets one by one through the square hole until the self-locking card locked. The
hole of the vertical picket should be in the same direction as the hole on the horizontal rail.
● Post and cross rails connection
Install the connection block on the post. The side post only holds a link block in one direction.
Locking stainless steel tamper screws on the connecting block.
● Pipe and post connection
Draw the position of the fixed screw according to the drawing.
Connect the pipe to the base clip and tapping on the side with a rubber mallet.
Pipe Pipe and base clip
● Fence installation
● Primary layer treatment
There should be no shortening in the base concrete, and installation elevation should comply with
the design requirements. The uneven surface must be removed or repaired. Cement mortar shall not
be used to repair the serious honeycomb surface. Application of high-strength concrete repair, wait
until there is a certain intensity before the railings can be installed.
● Pipe fixed
● Draw the installation position according to the drawing and fasten it with the pop-rivet.
● Post installation
First, determine the position of the fixed point, and then punching with percussion drilling. Finally
install and fix the expansion bolt. Note that this takes two people to complete. A person holds the
post to make sure it stays upright, while another fasten all the screws.
Galvanized steel tubular fence widely used as ornamental fence for industrial, agricultural,
commercial, residential and municipal construction.
  • Airport & harbor fencing.
  • Residential allotment fencing.
  • School security fencing.
  • Station fencing.
  • Garden & lawn fencing.
  • Factory & hotel fencing.
  • Parking lot fencing.
  • Park & pool fencing.
  • Power station fencing.
  • Highway & railway roadside fence.
  • Supermarkets & entertainment venues fence.
  • Balcony protective fence.
  • Stairway guardrail.
  • City road isolation guardrail.

There is/are 11 - 20 People R&D Engineer(s) in the company.

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