Ribbed Square Mesh to As4671 L Class

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Concrete Mesh
Certification: ISO
Model Number: AS4671
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 10tons
Price: 855$ per mt
Packaging Details: Pallet
Delivery Time: 15 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10000 pcs per month
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Product Description

Ribbed Square Mesh to As4671 L Class


Concrete Reinforcing Mesh also known as steel reinforcing mesh,welded wire fabric,ribbed steel bars welded mesh and so on. Be made from cold reduced Wire or cold rolled ribbed bars(CRB550) , It is in the same or different diameters of the vertical and horizontal steel bars , and has a rectangular or square apertures and is produced in flat sheets.

It is used to provide tensile strength and crack control to structural concrete elements.


(1)to save more than 33% of steel, reducing costs 10% -30%;

(2) increase the speed of construction can shorten the duration of about 80%;

(3)to improve the quality of engineering structures, and concrete bonding anchoring reliable, smooth reinforcement bond strength equal to three times more, and the overall good, deviation is small, anti - cracking performance above 75%.


Retaining and shear walls
Beams and columns
Concrete paving overlays
Precast concrete elements
Suspended floor slabs
Swimming pool and gunite construction


Normal Specification,

Square Mesh AS/NZS 4671- Class L

Product Code Std Unit Longitudinal Wires Cross Wires Mass(kg) Dimensions(m)
SL52 sheet 10×4.77@200+4×4@100 30×4.77@200 21 6×2.4
SL62 sheet 10×6@200+4×4.77@100 30×6@200 33 6×2.4
SL72 sheet 10×6.75@200+4×4@100 30×6.75@200 41 6×2.4
SL81 sheet 25×7.6@100 60×7.6@200 105 6×2.4
SL82 sheet 10×7.6@200+4×5.37@100 30×7.6@200 52 6×2.4
SL92 sheet 10×8.6@200+4×6@100 30×8.6@200 66 6×2.4
SL102 sheet 10×9.5@200+4×6.75@100 30×9.5@200 80 6×2.4
×Diameter (mm) × Spacing (mm)


Rectangular Mesh AS/NZS 4671 - Class L

Product Code Std Unit Longitudinal Wires Cross Wires Mass(kg) Dimensions(m)
RL718 sheet 25×6.75@100 30×7.6@200 67 6×2.4
RL818 sheet 25×7.6@100 30×7.6@200 79 6×2.4
RL918 sheet 25×8.6@100 30×7.6@200 93 6×2.4
RL1018 sheet 25×9.5@100 30×7.6@200 109 6×2.4
RL1118 sheet 25×10.7@100 30×7.6@200 130 6×2.4
RL1218 sheet 25×11.9@100 30×7.6@200 157 6×2.4

Special specification can be customed.

Ribbed Square Mesh to As4671 L Class

Ribbed Square Mesh to As4671 L Class

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